2007 / Sculpture / Poetry Based

Technical assistance : Yang Longhai.

Where heartaches are recycled in liberating, voodoo sculptures.

“My residence in Shanghai coincided with the breakdown of a relationship and this was where I created The Emotion Recycling Factory, my factory for transforming emotions. I created voodoo objects in which I imprisoned my inconclusive love affairs.  For Souvenir d’un ange noir (Black Angel Memory) and Le Baiser du dragon (The Dragon’s Kiss), I devised the scratched mirror technique, in which we see a woman’s image appear through the mirror. This technique was subsequently much copied by the owner of the Island6 gallery in Shangai.  For Mon monde est clos (My World is Closed), I adopted the “Pepper’s ghost” technique used by Méliès, which enables the video image to be made to float by means of a two-way mirror. We see a man lying down, prostrate. Through him (and thus through the video) we can read a text which expresses a certain malaise. “

- THE MEMORY OF THE BODY Interview with Philippe Franck in Memento Body - La lettre vollée 2013 -



Souvenir d’un ange noir

2 screens, media player, loudspeakers — 90x153x58cm
Cast : Nonglak Yingsuksantisuk.

Le Baiser du dragon

Mirror, screen, media player — 105x71x8,5cm et 22x22x7cm

Es-tu moi?

Wood, mirror, LED — 95x41x192cm


Mon monde est clos

Wood, two-way mirror, paper, light bulbs, screen — 22x28x17cm.
Cast : Zhou Mu Jie.

Look At Me

Wood, dolls’ heads, hair, lightbulbs, screen — 19x26x17cm


Aère-toi mon amour

Glass, rubber, pressure gauge — 24x24x28cm

Je me fais vide

Glass, rubber, handkerchief — 33x24x39cm

Que la peste tombe sur notre dernière rencontre

Glass, paint, paper — 33x24x33cm