2006 / Performance / Interactive / Poetry based

Interactive video performance – Théâtre Mercelis (Bruxelles)
Inspired by a poem by: Pierre Rastoul
Live music : Christian Calon
Assistant vidéo interactive : Yves Mora
Production manager : Psyché Pyras
Production In Progress with [ AV ].XL, avec le
supported by iMAL, Transcultures, Conseil des Arts du Canada.

Sensory and graphic journey reaching through the skin of the performance artist into a life full of fantasies and paradoxes.

T.I: Over the past few years, I have not directed stage shows, nor have I danced. However, moving on stage and using my body as a tool, as a medium, is a basic element of my performances. Images of the body and its surroundings are transformed into a coherent work by recording and projecting them. A new quality, a new work emerges. This is the essence of performance for me. The body is the raw material; I’m filming, mixing and re-projecting its movements live on stage, so theentity constructing the work and the final product are present simultaneously. A good example of this is my performance called Rivière noire (Black River). Let me emphasize here that this video is not a video work in itself but a documentation of my performance. While my videos are complete and closed units, in a performance, the process is more important for me. Riviere noire was based on a poem by a poet from Quebec, Pierre Rastoul. The music was improvised by a musician during the performance, as was my movement on stage, and to a certain extent my assistant improvised the editing of the video-streams that I was filming live on stage

- THE BODY IS MY RAW MATERIAL Interview with Zsolt Kozma in La Múértó, 2007 -