2020 / Video

length: 2minutes 44secondes
Original Formats: three 4K square screen 1:1
Cinemascope (2,39:1 & 3840×1606 ) on cinema screen
Writter: Manon Oligny & Thomas Israel
Choreography: Manon Oligny
Dancer and choregraphy collaboration:  Marilyn Daoust
Music: Paradise Now
Second camera, eyes & production executive :    Simon Dumas
Production: Cie Manon fait de la danse  & Rhizome (Québec) – Transcultures (Belgique) – les Pépinières Européennes de Création (France)

An enigma with an exploded temporality

This triptych is an enigma with an exploded temporality, which allows cross and associative readings. Its protagonist is in tension between the doll or the android and the woman of flesh-and-blood.

Based on the multimedia poetic show Prototype n°1 by Cie Manon fait de la danse & Rhizome, Laureat of the No Lockdown Art Project, by Transcultures & les Pépinières Européennes de Création.

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