2008 & 2009 / Performance / Interactive

Direction & vidéo interactive : Thomas Israël
Direction & performance : Jacques Urbanska
Performer : Ine Claes
Music : Margarida Guia
Co-production : FAR asbl, In Progress asbl, Transcultures. Avec le Supported by the Commission Arts numériques de la Communauté française de Belgique.
In residence : Charleroi Danse, Le Brass, Woluculture.

Research into spectators’ perception, digitized bodies and movements.

PERCEPT video 1

“(…) Jacques Urbanska.:Percept was a research project exploring spectators’ perception, the body and digital movement. The digital, digitised, pixelised, reworked, corrected, perfected, deformed, adjustable, endlessly malleable body: an interfaced body that fades away in favour of the image that one wants to present of it.  We created short, choreographic sequences that were performed on the stage. These were filmed and then reworked digitally and interactively in real time.They were presented either via individual projection in an immersive box (the box in which the spectator was lying down; the lid being a screen on which the reworked result of what had happened on the stage was projected), or projections on several screens placed in the room that offered a different rendition from that seen in the box. The show was therefore individual and collective, resulting both from the performing arts (two body/movement performers), interactive, multimedia arts (two visual performers, and a sound performer). This twofold affirmation of the body and its actions was deliberate on our part: that of the naked, revealed performer/dancer executing a choreographic trajectory, and its digital parallels: the body and its filtered actions, decontextualised and instantly recontextualised in the video and sound projections. (…)”

- FLOATING ATTENTION Interview of Jacques Urbanska by Philippe Franck Brussels, March 2012 - in Memento Body la Lettre Volée -

PERCEPT video 2