Après nous les mouches

Interactive video Scénography

Creation at Théatre Varia – march 2017

CONCEPTION Stéphane Bissot, Brigitte Baillieux, Thomas Israel, Marc Doutrepont | TEXT & ACT Stéphane Bissot | INTERACTIVE VIDEO Thomas Israel | SCENOGRAPHY Michel Suppes | SOUND CREATION Marc Doutrepont | DIRECTOR Brigitte Baillieux
A Show of Kissing Moon, in coproduction with Théâtre Varia & Maison Ephémère. With help of la Fabrique de Théâtre/Service des Arts de la Scène de la Province de Hainaut, du Théâtre de l’Ancre et du Centre des Ecritures Dramatiques /CED.

diffusion: MTP

Journey into the memory of an exceptional actress


Creation of an abstract mnemonic environment in which the actress evolves and give existance with her words to bits of her story: pieces of fantasized places, child’s drawings, highway area, stiflingor liberator spaces sketched as in a dream. Body doubles are pre-recorded or are captured live on the actress, then reprojected on the scenography, they “arise” from the actress to represent her mother or grandmother, her doubles.

The show

This narrative, freely autobiographical, traces the portrait and destiny of funny, deep and endearing characters who are the links in a chain of visible or invisible transmission. The show embraces life while embracing death. It goes back to the crossroads between the living who can sometimes shine by their absences or their failures and the ghosts always present. Going from joy to sorrow, from hope to disappointment, from love to many faces in various breaks, the show traces a path of life full of laughter and tears where existence prevails over the grim reaper and continues to play with her a part of “who loses wins”. This ride full of vitality and humor through the people of a family, this journey in a contrasted Belgium made of back and forth between ages and epochs compose a romantic cosmogony without being melancholy …