A Fleur de peau

Performance / Interactive

Thomas Israel instructs us on the history of cancer.

A Fleur de Peau begins with a personal, historical and anthropological evocation of the skin, and goes on to develop a reflection on cancer, the history of how it is perceived and treated. For the first time Thomas Israel projects not only on his body but also on a big screen behind him (8.5m wide by 5m high)

Timing: 24 minutes – 2017
1 performer / 1 technician / 1 producer
Voice over:English
Subtitles: French, Portuguese

Texte – performance – voice-over – programing Thomas Israël
Artistic advice – production – translation Kika Nicolela
Original sound track    Gauthier Keyarts, Thierry Gauthier, Andrei Machado
English translation    Jennifer Westlake
Interactive mask    Yacine Sebti

Medical consulting   Camilo Moreno, MD
Marc Zeicher, MD, MS, PhD – Targeted Therapies Research and Consulting Centre (TTRCC – Brussels)

Main Bibliography    The Emperor Of All Maladies [A Biography Of Cancer] by Siddhartha Mukherjee